Privacy Policy

Online Users’ Privacy has become a very serious issue in the last few years and number of reported cases of stealing and misusing of personal information have greatly increased and therefore, we have also taken this issue very seriously to provide 100% protection and satisfaction to our valuable clients who come to our site by showing their trust in us. If you want to place an order on our site but worried due to privacy concerns, this exclusive page will let you have clear understanding of how we collect your personal information and where we use it and how secured it is to submit your info here.

Privacy Statement

What Type of Info Comes Under this Privacy Statement? Our Privacy Statement applies to every type of information collected or submitted during order filling, payment procedures or on any other page of this site.

Do We Take Your Permission to Collect Your Info?

There are two different types of information we collect from our users. For type 1, we don’t need their permission or consent and we collect it without letting them know. Type 1 includes:

  • Computer Type
  • Browser Type
  • IP address
  • Specific Keywords
  • Others
  • For type 1 info, we request visitors and clients to submit their personal information. This type of info includes:
  • Name/Alias
  • Email address
  • Cell Number
  • Residing Country/Address
  • Postal or Zip Code
  • Special Order Instructions
  • Debit/Credit Card info for payment
  • Others

Why We Collect Client’s Personal Data?

Clients’ data that we collect with or without their consent is just used to fill their order form, to ensure fast order tracking, receive payment through secured payment gateways and in case, our writer needs to get some kind of clarification about specific order instructions, client’s contact info is used to contact them immediately.

Do We Share Users’ Information with Others?

We have a very clear policy about the security and protection of clients’ personal data and therefore, we never share submitted/collected/recorded data with any third party unless it is required to complete order.

How Careful Are We About Payment Procedures?

During payment procedures, some of the information of the client needs to be disclosed to the third party to run a secured payment procedure; however, it does not involve any risk to the client.

How Do We Benefit Client with Collected Info?

When we collect information from thousands of our clients, we use it to improve our services as per their expectations. In addition to this, we also send them:

  • Service Notifications
  • Periodic Newsletter
  • Service Surveys

Do We Provide Protection to User Data?

Once we collect user data, it becomes our top priority to keep it under maximum protection and never let thieves, scammers, hackers and other mischievous minded people access it. We have already placed managerial, physical and electronic procedures to entire 100% protection of clients’ personal data.

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